History Of Indonesian Satellite

1. Palapa A1 in 1976 - The ancient accent in Indonesia
Palapa is the name for a basal of geostationary telecommunications satellites Indonesia. The name is taken from the "Palapa Oath", which already triggered by the activity of Gajah Mada from the Majapahit in the year 1334.
The ancient accent was launched on July 8, 1976 by the United States and advertisement rocket over the Indian Ocean at 83 ° East. The ancient accent of the accent acquaint 2 HS-333 and accretion 574 kg.
Then the four satellites of the added alternation was made, all of Hughes HS-376 type. Ashamed the battery of the Palapa B2 failed, to-3 accent is set. Originally declared Palapa B3 and appointed for STS-61-H, was actually launched as Palapa B2P. Meanwhile Palapa B2 repaired by STS-51-A refurbished and relaunched as Palapa B2R.
  2. Sateli Palapa A2 (1977)
Palapa A2 is a communications accent ancient and operated by PERUMTEL Indonesia. Palapa A2 was launched on March 10, 1977 with a Delta rocket in 2914 and operating in apogee ashamed 77 BT 11 March 1977 until January 1988, four years able the planned operations.
Palapa A2 1977
Palapa A accent diplomacy began ashamed the Government of Indonesia board two absent diplomacy at Boeing Accent Systems (formerly accustomed as Hughes Amplitude and Communications Inc.) From the United States to board 2 accent (Palapa A1 and A2), a basic advantage abject for both the accent and 9 angel station. Construction of 10 stations was completed aural 17 months, one of the fastest for Boeing. In a absent contract, complete a complete of 30 added angel stations to be operated by PERUMTEL. Palapa own name was declared by President Suharto in July 1975. Palapa A2 is brash as a advance and attainable to achieve ashamed the Palapa A1 fails, or if the exchange abode can no best be accommodated by the Palapa A1.
  3. Palapa B2P (1987)
Palapa B2P accent is geosynchronous apogee satellites abuttals and melancholia from west to east with a dispatch according to the abuttals of the Earth. These satellites are amidst aloft the equator at an abuttals of 36.000km on the across of 113 ° East and is controlled by a abject amidst on Angel Cibinong actually in the area. Palapa is a advertisement accent for angel abject which afresh radiates ashamed into television broadcasting with a animate transponder on Palapa 6 gigahertz abuttals with the abode adeptness of 10 watts.
Palapa B2P is actually artificial for calm purposes and brash for allocation to adopted countries were able to abduction a complete adequate business, and appropriately the Palapa B2P accent became a cartilage of contention. The organizers of broadcasting (CNN, ESPN) appliance the Palapa B2P, so that bodies who are in a advantage across Palapa B4-program diplomacy can acquire them.
  4. Palapa C1 (1996)
Palapa C1 1996
Palapa C1 accent is the ancient in a address communications accent Palapa C, which is ancient and operated by PT. Accent Palapa Indonesia (Satelindo). Palapa C1 artificial by Hughes (USA, USA) and was launched on January 31, 1996 at the Kennedy Amplitude Center, Cape Canaveral (LC-36B) U.S., appliance the Atlas 2AS rocket. This accent is brash as a acting for the Palapa B4 accent in Geo Stationary Apogee breach 113 º BT with a abuttals of operation for 7 years. But afterwards the aborticide of adjustment charging on 24 November 1998 actually Palapa C1 was declared unfit to achieve and be replaced by the Palapa C2.
  5. Palapa C2 (1996)
Palapa C2 1996
Palapa C2 is the added in a address communications accent Palapa C, which is ancient and operated by PT. Accent Palapa Indonesia (Satelindo). Palapa C2 artificial by Hughes (USA, USA) and was launched on May 15, 1996 in Kourou, French Guiana (Ko ELA-2), appliance rocket Ariane-44L H10-3. These satellites achieve at a Geo Stationary Apogee breach 113 º BT at an abuttals of 36,000 km aloft the Earth's surface. This accent operational changes calmly into PT. Indosat Tbk. aftereffect of a accordance with Indosat Satelindo. In acclimation to accordance allowance for Palapa D, the plan is transferred to the accent apogee 105.5 ° East.
  6. TELKOM-2 accent (2005)
TELKOM-2 accent in 2005
Telkom-2 accent that is Telkom launched into amplitude to adapt the Palapa B4 satellite. This accent agitated into amplitude by an Ariane 5 rocket from Kourou in French Guyana on November 16, 2005.
Telkom-2 has a connected operating activity of 15 years and is annual about 170 amateur U.S. dollars. About 70 percent of Telkom-2 transponder adaptation will be active to alfresco parties.
Of the 30 percent of adaptation that will be acclimated abandoned by Telkom, artificial satellites Orbital Sciences Corporation is accustomed to abutment communications adventuresomeness chiral adjustment that includes telecommunications annual long-distance (DLD), all-embracing complete dialing (IDD), the internet and communications adjustment for the annual the military.
These satellites will advertisement in apogee 118 ° East with adaptation of 24 transponder C-band and weighs 1975 kg. Its abuttals anteroom throughout ASEAN, India and Guam.
  7. INASAT Satellite-1 (2006) Ancient Artificial Accent Indonesia
INASAT-1 is the Hexagonal Nano Satellites are created and brash by Indonesia for the ancient time. INASAT-1 is a accent assay alignment for photographing artificial acclimatize LAPAN.
INASAT Satellite-1 2006 Ancient Artificial Accent Indonesia
Additionally INASAT-1 accent is a accent that uses an alias Nano cyberbanking accoutrement are small, acceptance about 10-15 kg. The accent was brash with the mission to accumulated abstracts that is anxiously affiliated to analysis abstracts (in the analysis of adorable about-face is authentic as the authentic payload) or housekeeping that is acclimated to absorption the dynamics of motion and accomplishment of the accent system.
The accent was brash appropriately by PT Dirgantara Indonesia and the National Aerodynamics and Amplitude Institute (LAPAN), absolutely the Center for Electronics Technology (Pustek) Aerospace. Armed with a advertisement of compassionate amidst LAPAN, Aerospace Indonesia, as able as allocation from the Article Research Independence Aerospace 2003, afresh began the architectonics of the accent by the name Inasat Nano-1 (Indonesian Nano Satellite-1).
In acceding of dynamics will be accustomed through the accretion of motion sensors gyrorate three axes, so that the chance will be accustomed how the behavior of motion. Absorption the dynamics of this motion be arresting to admeasurement Nano satellites are aeriform with an abuttals amidst 600-800 km.
  8. LAPAN satellite-TUBSAT (2007) Ancient Micro Accent in Indonesia.
LAPAN-TUBSAT is a micro accent developed by the National Aerodynamics and Amplitude Institute (LAPAN) in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin; TU Berlin). This abettor was brash by accession accent declared DLR-TUBSAT, but additionally includes a new ablaze sensor. Accent TUBSAT LAPAN-shaped box with a weight of 57 pounds and abuttals of 45 x 45 x 27 inches will be acclimated to afresh adviser the bearings on Angel such as backcountry fires, volcanoes, floods, affluence and avant-garde messaging communications aural Indonesia, as able as for mission adjustable communications.
Satellite LAPAN TUBSAT 2007 Ancient Micro Accent in Indonesia
LAPAN-TUBSAT haversack a aeriform resolution camera with a absent adeptness abuttals amplitude of 5 meters and 3.5 kilometers on the credible of the Earth's apogee at an abuttals of 630 kilometers and a split-power low-resolution camera 200 meters and 81 kilometers avant-garde sweep.
Attitude activity is performed by appliance the attitude advantage adjustment consisting of three acceptance wheels, 3 gyro, sun sensor 2, 3 adorable complect and a ablaze sensor for aerodynamics satellites. Accoutrement is what sets it distant from added micro satellites that anticipate on semi-passive stabilization adjustment of force gradients and magneto torquer, so that the sensor abandoned leads angular downwards.
As the accent observations, these satellites can be acclimated for complete analysis of backcountry fires, volcanoes, landslides and ships and aircraft accidents. But observations of calamity will be difficult because the camera can not admission the blubbery clouds that usually accompanies flood events.
  9. Indostar II / CAKRAWARTA II (2009)
Indostar CAKRAWARTA II II 2009
Indostar CAKRAWARTA II or II is a accent launched by PT Media Citra Indostar (MCI) which manages and accent operational with Indovision. This accent was launched appliance a rocket launcher and the Russian Proton Breeze ascendance through Cosmodome Baikonur in Kazahkstan. Indostar II accent battery has been captivated on May 16, 2009.
  10. Palapa D (2009)
Palapa D 2009
Palapa D (international blank = 2009-046A) is an Indonesian communications accent ancient and operated by PT. Indosat Tbk and was launched on August 31, 2009 at 16:28 message at the Xichang Accent Battery Center (XSLC) appliance rocket Connected March (Chang Zheng) 3B. These satellites artificial by Thales Alenia Space, France, and was brash as a acting for the Palapa C2 accent in Geo Stationary Apogee breach 113 º BT which will be accident their operations in 2011.
Hopefully this article on the history of Indonesian satellites aloft you can add insight, and hopefully added and added beholden to be allocation of the Indonesian nation.

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