Quick Install Modem

This method certainly has much to know right?
These are all modem drivers to install without requiring the CD-Drive default modem.
no not confused anymore, lost or damaged CD could have been tricked to include the contents software simodem origin in IC.
first ever event, before I forget install reinstall the OS update program exists primarily modem yanga who have lost the CD-driver. well after that I'm confused, was looking for here there was even stop "dikosan om google", and it had an existing driver,
will pirated counterfeit. consequently can not be used.
Had despaired. almost a year I rarely surf, and at that moment I decided to sell modem, with ver. VT-12 sold $30. Direct free with all this suffering, but after thought I lose, too, because my friends can overcome these difficulties. And this he definition that I can:

1.in modem
2.in My Computer "wait a moment, then drive simodem will appear on the DVD-RAM"


3.clik and perform the installation. (see picture)
It's finished. If you can not also please comment so that I could give a response. OK!


Bayu Dewa KaNzer said...

BAGUS bro Tapi kalo modem saya ngak pake CD nginstalnya >>>..........>>......
kunjung balik bro >>>>>........

m_azis fikri said...

wah wah...info yg menari ya'
baru tw, hehehe...

SemutonlinE 46 said...

@Bayu Dewa KaNzerwah, maskiii ya telah memberi tanggapan. baiklah nanti akan saya usahaklan sob,

SemutonlinE 46 said...

@m_azis fikrithaks ya udah mampir'

bimanta said...

hal sepele tapi banyak yang ga tahu gan..