What is Shuffle Dance?

In accordance with the post " what is a shuffle dance? ". Shuffle dance is a dance focused on footwork, such as moving / walking with a fixed-called "Running Man". Generally Shuffle Dance is similar to the movement of " Michael Jackson ", but there are a hallmark of Dance Shuffle this, here we are free to do footwork super random mess, as this movement was originally born in the "Underground Scene Melbourne, Australia in the 1980's . The imitating this movement is also called the Shufflers. The movement is already integrated youth among Indonesia, and has become a style tersendi for them.

This is the video as well as songs for shuffle dance - LMFAO Party Rock Anthem feat. Lauren B.
This is all I know about the shuffle dance ,'ve also done but not yet perfect:) alias failed. because such movement is hard to do and like kelhatan easy. For those bloggers who want to argue please menmbahkan meaning below