Vine, a new journalistic tool?

Vine, a new journalistic tool?
Vine, video from 6 seconds
Vine , the declination video of Twitter, has thrilled thousands of web surfers from the day of its launch. More than 100,000 mini-videos have been shared via the bird the weekend .
For the uninitiated, the Vine offers its users to shoot a little video of 6 seconds, no more. "Just like the tweets, the short video on Vine leads to creativity," explained Michael Sippey, vice-chairman of Twitter, on her blog.
Vine and journalism
The last few years have been a real earthquake for journalism, shaken by the numerous innovations related to the world of digital. Information professionals already beginning to wonder if Vine is a possible effective carrier of information. In fact, just like in Twitter, brevity should not be a limit number of journalists tweeting every day, creating an innovative journalism.
The first of February, on the other hand, a journalist has used this new tool branded Twitter to document the attack on the U.S. embassy in Turkey.
But it is possible to transmit a sufficient amount of information in 6 seconds?
Mark Blank-Settle, of the BBC College of Journalism Academy, disagrees: he has said on Twitter that Vine is not a valid journalistic tool because "duration, sound and focussing issues limited impact any real news."
However, the entries are conflicting: in "The Atlantic Wire" publish an article in which you show excited about the potential offered by the APA, which, just like Instagram in the case of Hurricane Sandy , could give a strong impetus to citizen journalism.

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